AVILIGHT Announces TRILIX ENGINEERING as Exclusive Distributor for Switzerland, Austria & Liechtenstein

Avilight is pleased to announce that TRILIX ENGINEERING AG is their exclusive distributor for AVILIGHT products in Switzerland, Austria & Liechtenstein.

Trilix Engineering AG is a young engineering company based in Liechtenstein, which focuses on the development of intelligent mechatronic systems.

“As 360° Showcase, Mirage is an ideal tool to put your products and novelties at fairs and in shops in the limelight. With Mirage you are able to attract the attention of your potential clients to your products. Also as an infotainment system Mirage is a real eye-catcher”
Stefan Schadler, CEO Trilix Engineering AG.

Local sites  www.mirage360.ch  www.mirage360.at  www.mirage360.li  represent Mirage display to German speaking audience.


TRILIX.Eng Logo 


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