Avilight Product Lineup

Transparent 360° Displays Series

Girl.Pointing.ToRight Mirage Concept Circle

Transparent 360° Video

LED Display

Transparent 360°

LED Display

Transparent Flat

LED Display

Features Comparison   
Transparency check mark check mark check mark
360° Visibility check mark check mark  
Unique Showcase check mark check mark  
Super Bright check mark check mark check mark
Static Images check mark check mark check mark
Video Support check mark    
Audio Support check mark    
Remote Content Management check mark check mark check mark
Content Management Interface Wi-Fi / Ethernet Bluetooth / GPRS Bluetooth / GPRS
Color depth

Full Color

(16.7 Milions)

Basic colors

(8 colors)

Basic colors

(8 colors)

Display Form Cylindrical Cylindrical Flat Circle

Key Features

  • Transparency
  • 360° Visibility
  • Super Bright
  • Unique Product Showcase 


Avilight Transparent 360° LED Displays are ideal for any indoor environment such as shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants, and ticketing areas.


Avilight displays render spectacular transparent images and video thus providing stunning viewer experience. This futuristic media leaves its viewers amazed. Transparent 360° video and images are perceived as hanging in the air which makes them look as holograms.

360° Visibility

Impressive 360° display visible from all angles, Avilight displays allow viewers all around the display to have an equal opportunity to see it, no matter where they stand. These displays virtually has no beginning and no end.



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