Content Management Solution for Avilight MIRAGE


Turn-key Solution

Avilight MIRAGE is offered with free Cloud-Based Content Management System (CMS); it just works right out-of-the-box.


You can upload new content from anywhere; you need only a computer/laptop with an internet connection.

Remote Management

You can remotely manage and monitor multiple displays.

How It Works?

Avilight MIRAGE comes bundled with basic Media Player. It is Android based and provides internet connectivity through WiFi. Media Player is constantly connected to mediaSERVER to report its current condition (playing, stopped, restarting etc.) and to download new content when available. The Media Player stores the downloaded content on its internal FLASH memory, which allows it to work without disturbance even if internet connectivity is not always available. Through SignageStudio software you can create different campaigns and upload them to the mediaSERVER. Then you can assign a campaign to one or to multiple media players which will cause the media players to start download their new content.

Open For Third Party Solutions

At Avilight we provide a ready-to-use solution to our customers. As much as we like that we understand that there is a variety of use cases for our MIRAGE display. So we designed it to be open for use with third party content management solutions. Avilight MIRAGE provides regular HDMI input port with common standard resolution 720p@60Hz. Its native resolution is 800x256 so it shows only part of the 720p video that it received through the HDMI input port. From a hardware point of view Avilight MIRAGE is much like a regular monitor or LCD display. So it can fit in all the general purpose solutions for content management out there. You can even use your laptop’s HDMI output to feed content to MIRAGE.



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