Avilight Technology

Technology RotatingLED 2

Proprietary Technology

Avilight has developed a proprietary technology for 360° LED displays from ground up.

Technology RotatingLED

How It Works

The Avilight displays make use of the inertness of the human sight. The source of light is bright LEDs arranged in columns. These columns are spinning in circle fast enough to be invisible for the viewer. Precise electronics control all LEDs making them blink at exact position. Thus the viewer sees only the blinks (pixels) while the LEDs remain invisible. The blinks create an attractive image that looks like it hovers in the air.


In all color displays each pixel consists of three components: red, green and blue. With the traditional displays these components are situated side by side. If a traditional display is observed closely enough the pixel's components become noticeable thus lessening the viewer's experience.

The Avilight display pixel is composed differently. Our three components are LEDs which blink at the very same spot thus creating homogenous pixel. Furthermore a fine pixel pitch of 2 mm or less could be achieved.

With this technology inside Avilight displays produce crisp and sharp images offering great viewer experience even at a very close range.



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